Xandra – Jay Kurmis (OneFold DGTL)

The next release on OneFold DGTL comes in the form of a single from Jey Kurmis, with his undeniably unique and quirky tech-house sound. ‘Xandra’ also gets a remix from Daylight Robbery frontman, Jojo Angel.

‘Xandra’ oozes Jey’s signature chugging style throughout. Gritty, gloopy and twisted in every possible sense, the track offers an interesting palette and is a definite vibe setter. Punchy drums, dominant low-end make a solid adversary to the weird and wonderful world of Jey’s pitched, chopped and stretched production techniques. As always, an impossible to pigeonhole track, from one of the most unique guys in the business.

Jojo Angel follows up with a tribal-inspired high-energy remix. Piercing kicks and layers of shuffled rhythm sit on top of a rough bass synth, creative fills and hints of rave. A record with an ominous tinge to it, guaranteed to punch a hole through even the hardest of dancefloors – segmented by scene-setting bridges and blistering buildups, making it a statement track for those prime time sets.

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